Would you like to learn more about the setup and operation of smatrix agroscience for windows (1.7)? Then take a look at the different tutorials. Have fun. 

Installing smatrix for windows on your device.

Configure your screen function.
This section explains how to set the lock screen so that during
the rating cannot be operated incorrectly.

Use a suitable headset to ensure proper 
to be able to "speak" with smatrix. You can find out how to set it up here.

Here you can find out how to customize your individual
Setting up smatrix preference parameters.

In order to work effectively with smatrix, you should customize smatrix to your individual needs. You can find out how this works here.

Each score is individual. Set up your portfolio according to your specifications. You can find out how this works here.

Do you work with subsamples? Then find out more about this tutorial.

Would you like to configure your value ranges and pronunciations yourself? Then take a look at how it is done here.

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